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Kitchen Update

This kitchen is the perfect example of what can happen when you take your overwhelming space and put it into the trusted hands of Rutledge Remodeling. The 1950's kitchen went under a complete remodel and the results are stunning. What a great example of how to rework your homes space and potential! After the old cabinets were removed the walls were stripped of several layers of wall paper before revealing the original stucco that was in bad shape. During demo we also uncovered a hidden gem, the hardwood flooring! Underneath several sheets of laminate flooring we discovered the homes original oak flooring, and although it was pretty rough, we were able to salvage most. After some work on resurfacing the walls the floors were sanded down and refinished before the cabinets were ready to install. These white cabinets feature a shaker-style and brushed nickel hardware. Several of the cabinets in this design include features such as built-in knife drawer with cutting board, pots and pan storage drawers, pull-out trash feature under the sink, K-cup drawer insert in the beverage station area as well as a wine rack. To complete the renovation we installed recessed lighting over work areas, new overhead light, new kitchen faucet and cast iron under-mount sink, new granite counter tops, new subway tile, new shelving system and doors for pantry area and a new entry door which includes blinds-between-the-glass technology.

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